Aleator UI

Right now, the UI displays a bunch of relevant data at the top such as the current movement, key, tempo, etc. Below that, the current phrases' note lists are displayed on the left, and if you select a note from one of those lists the details will be displayed on the left. That note data will turn red when the note plays.

The bottom panel displays buttons for navigating the compositions if he Aleator was started from the UI itself with the play button. If the Aleator was started by clicking Play in the VST host's transport, the plugin's navigation buttons will be disabled.

The immediate goal with the UI is to get the phrase muting and recycling working, and also to allow the user to add and remove phrases on the fly. As mentioned in the project description, we will not be attempting to develop a refined UI for this plugin. That is certainly a worthwhile endeavor but it is not our primary concern with this project.


There's still a lot of work to be done with phrase generation. For starters, we need to program a sense of commonality into the compositional structure so it doesn't sound so jerky and add more drum phrasing.

Aleator for Mac OS

The VST .NET may soon allow us to build assemblies for Mac. As soon as that happens we will move to provide it ASAP.

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